human mind Sun 16 Dec 2012 7 PM
In my point my view,
yes all of the human minds has been poisoned by religous thoughts.
That's the history of human,
that's what we should try to change it.

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Learning is a very important procedure and concept, not only in the human

life but in all the living things. If we pay attention to our behaviors, goals,

programs and beliefs, we will realize that most of them are raised from


From childhood, we learn from our environment, our parents, friends, etc

and they form us, while we think that we are formed by our willingness!

When I look into my parent’s behaviors, my niece’s behaviors and finally my

own behaviors and characteristics, I easily recognize the learning process.

So I think the best conclusion is that since we have learned a lot of thinks

and our existence is resulted of learning, so we can change it easily, even by

apassing a long time.


از نظر من یکی از مهم ترین موضوعات در بررسی موجودات جاندار،مسئله و فرآیند

یادگیری است.اگر ما به رفتارهای خودمان و دیگران توجه کنیم،در خواهیم یافت که

یادگیری نقش بسیار مهمی را ایفا می کند و صرف اراده و منیت خودمان چندان

مهم نیست.

من به رفتارهای پدر مادر خودم نگاه می کنم  و خودم را و خصوصیات خودم را می

بینم، به رفتارهای خواهر زاده ام نگاه می کنم و خصوصیات پدر و مادرش را می

بینم.به رفتارهای مادرم توجه می کنم و خصوصیات پدر و مادرش را می بینم و به

رفتارهای مادربزرگم نگاه می کنم و خصوصیات مادرش را می بینم.

این فرآیند در تمام موجودات هست و شاید بخشی از موضوع تکامل هم باشد.

ولی به هر حال ما که در یافته ایم این مسئله یادگیری چه اهمیتی دارد،می دانیم

که همه جا دنبال الگوبرداری هستیم که احساس بهتری داشته باشیم،که

مشکلات خود را حل کنیم و راه حل بیابیم،پس می توانیم یادگیری های خود را

کمی تغییر دهیم و در نتیجه موجب بهبودی خودمان هم شویم.


ما همیشه در حال الگوبرداری و یادگیری هستیم، و چه خوب است اگر آگاهانه

توجه کنیم و فرآیند های را دریابیم،به نظر من پس از مدتی به خودمان خواهیم

رسید و خودمان را پیدا خواهیم کرد.آنجاست که زندگی و صرف بودن ارزشمند می

شود و زندگی ارشمندتر می شود.آنجاست که دیگر دست از لجاجت برخواهیم

داشت،آخر فهمیده ایم که منیت و تمایزی نبوده و ما همیشه چه به اختیار و چه

بی اختیار در حال یادگیری بوده ایم.


خیلی ها از زندگی شان راضی نیستند و با گذشت زمان هم همین نارضایتی را

حفظ می کنند،شاید هم همیشه از بدشانس بودن بنالند یا از محیط اطراف یا

دیگران ناراضی باشند،ولی من مطئنم که بزرگترین مشکلشان مقاومت در برابر

تغییر و نداشتن میل به پیشرفت و بهبود بوده،کما اینکه در طبیعت هم میبینیم که

موجوداتی که انعطاف و قدرت تطابق بیشتری دارند نسلشان و عمرشان فزونی می

یابد و به تکامل بهتری می رسند.

به نظر من زندگی می تواند پر از زیبایی ،دانایی،آگاهی، شادی و لذت باشد اگر

کمی هوشمندانه تر ،بی طرفانه تر،آگاهانه تر و علمی تر عمل کنیم.امید است این

سطور شعارگونه نباشد و توانسته باشم منظورم را به درستی انتقال دهم.

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The problems of a Girl Sun 2 Sep 2012 6 PM

One of my readers have sent me an email, describing her problems, and here i try to help her.

Firstly I hope that you all read my article by all of your heart. I hope this will help you, even a little!

If possible please read my article as much as you can. I’m sure that it won’t hurt you; it won’t cause any problem for you, this is a part of more than 10 years of my cognitive efforts.


Wise man use problems and conflicts for to improve him/herself.

The fact that our parents may get divorced when we are teenager and vulnerable is not only your problem, but of a lot of teenagers and young people in all over the world, but the point we should act in the best way. When we have a problem, when we feel not good, that’s a sign, that’s an opportunity to improve our self.


Yes I haven’t experience that but please consider that when we have a problem or pain, we shouldn’t give up. We have to use any situation or problem or pain in order to make our self better and better and this is a eternal process in the life of any wise person.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
Friedrich Nietzsche


Now you are an adult, you should support yourself, and additionally other people, regardless of your gender. Whether you are a girl, a women, a man or a boy, that’s not very important, you are human and your should and you have to live strong.

So please forget the reality that you haven’t experienced that support that you could get from your father. That’s just childish and you are not a child anymore.


 Yes you talked about your love story and your love. Have you ever thought about the fact that we are responsible about our behaviors and thoughts? If you are aware about the consequences of your current behaviors, that’s ok.

But I think you didn’t use to be aware. Be aware about the consequence of your behaviors.

For example when you decide to begin a romantic relationship with someone, please make anything clear for yourself and for your partner.

 If you like to get married with him, why shouldn’t you say that? Even indirectly.


That’s my theory and I believe that we should make everything clear and moreover we should be always aware that our current thoughts and behaviors make our future!


Life is just a try, just a try. Always try to do something, get something and make your life better and in this way, the problems and barriers are natural. We are living in the nature not in heaven! So act responsibly and be patient.

Even you don’t need to think about your age, that’s a human made concept(as other concepts! ) and you should live strong and without negative thoughts.


You talked also about violations. Yes I can’t even imagine that but please read this quote again:

That which does not kill us makes us stronger
Friedrich Nietzsche


Sometimes think about the people who are in charge of war. Sometimes think about wild life. Our lives are much more secured, believe me.


Please believe me that although our past life has a remarkable effect on our current feelings but even here you have the right to select and make your own life. You can change yourself.


Please be patient, I repeat that you are living in the world. Moreover you should manage your relations, if you don’t have an ideal relation with flat mate for example or at the work place, at least a part of your life will have a lot of problems.

So the result will be dissatisfaction.


You want to make yourself free. 10 years ago I decided to do this. I read a lot of books. I saw a lot of wise/unwise people to make myself better. But I didn’t give up. So if you want to live better, so start it.

In your country, there are a lot of wise and experienced people. The most of them use sport for self-improvement as well. Just search them and you will find them.


So I review my suggestions:

1-be strong and patient

2-reconstruct your fundamental beliefs

3-live and act independently but with harmony

4-always try and try. That’s life.

5-don’t forget to be practice different sports (if possible!)

6-define your goals exactly, so that you will live according your goals, much more easier. unimportant things won't annoy you.

7- Try yourself! and don’t anticipate the world to give you happiness


Forgive me if I couldn’t write a perfect reply for you.

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Language and personality Fri 27 Jul 2012 3 PM

 Language and personality

When I speak or write in German language, I feel good. I personally believe that when we speak in a foreign language, our nervous system is completely in a different state, more clear, healthy and normal.

I’m sure that our sense and emotional system is dependent on language. You will confirm, if you are aware of yourself when using different languages.

Apart from that, I believe that if we want to improve our personality, we can use foreign languages. In this case, we will feel better; have more emotional control and self confidence, which is my personal experience and view. In this case we are more relaxed and aware and we can learn better and change our learning and our view of life better.

At the same time, I think that our native language make us more nervous and out of control in comparison with foreign languages. So having some problems will make us to have less chance to improve our personality.

That’s why, the vast majority of scientists and philosophers have lived in foreign countries, studied there or they know or knew some foreign languages.

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Is the world beautiful?

Yes for sure the world is pretty beautiful; when we live in a harmonic and sympathic environment, we feel good and when there are some conflicts between us and the environment,we will feel bad.

The vast majority of our problem are caused by our differences and when our differences are pretty remarkable,we will not tolerate the situation and will feel bad.

So this is our mission to always seek the better and the ideal persons,societies and environments.


آیا جهان زیباست؟

بله به نظر من جهان کاملا زیباست.بخصوص اگر در کنار انسان های زیبا باشیم.اگر محیط ما و انسان های دوروبر ما خوب و با ما هماهنگ باشند،ما احساس خوبی داریم و اگر بغیر از این باشد خسته و نسبت به همه چیز بدبین خواهیم بود.

!!!پس همیشه بدنبال جاها و انسانهای خوب باشیم

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Conscience and humanity are not recognized or important here,

Everyone tends to cheat, steal, lie or defraud even their own brothers,

I see this everywhere, I hate it!



به هر کجا می روم فرهنگ دزدی آشکار است،

همه می خواهند دزدی کنند و سر هم کلاه بگذارند

وجدان و انسانیت اینجا خیلی مورد قبول نیست

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Organic foods

Considering the dangerous of developing new diseases like different types of Cancer, we

certainly know that we need to use organic foods instead of industrial and genetically modified

foods. However this may not be according to the benefits of industry nor like the trends of

overwhelming majority of conservative people. We need to investigate more and gain more

knowledge in order to have a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Don’t eat all things!

People usually eat all parts of living things, for example if they kill a sheep; they even eat its brain

, stomach, or even its balls! This is obviously an old tradition in primitive societies in millions

 years ago when the nutritive resources was restricted because our technical and mental abilities

was essentially limited. In spite of important and considerable achievements in human civilization,

we are continuing to do those primitive behaviors like living in a starveling situation.


Eating all things or all parts of living thing is absolutely brutal and in contrast with our modern

culture and the humanistic way of life. As a result we have habituated to brutality and uncivilized

behaviors and they are not unsuitable for us anymore; it is one of our models in the life.  

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Although somebody may say that being inconvenience in life is a sign of

mental abnormality, I would like to talk about pervasive communicational

and mental problems and conflicts in my country which is really frustrating

either in individual or collective minds. It is absolutely obvious that our brain,

mind and consequently our thoughts and behaviors have profoundly

corrupted and conditioned by the dominant religious and cultural agents. In

this essay I will explain this procedure shortly but frank and clear.


As far as I’m concerned, the most historical problem is that we are used to

live according to slaveholding, exploiting other people or living thing. In

order to achieve this purpose, a tiny minority of people tried to develop

 many theories as well as making people to think according to some tough

and inflexible principles. For example, at first they say that this is the

 absolute reality and you should believe and obey whatever it says, As a result

your mind will be formed particularly.


Another important fact is that we have habituated to use something to save

our mind balanced even though our behavior (verbal or physical) is

 uncivilized or healthy. Take for example the huge amount of our daily

arguments as well as physical violent which are leading us to more problems


In order to tolerate the situation, we are using some different and repetitive

ways which led us to a vicious cycle. For instance if we feel nervous, we may

smoke or drink alcohol or perhaps do religious activities, etc and since these

behaviors usually lead us to get relaxed, they play an incentive role for the

cause(getting nervous or any unpleasant status) . As a result the problem

remains and we do not think and analyze it since we are using

unconsciousness (~=easier) solutions.


As a solution I suggest living more clearly and consciously so that we can

recognize problems better, as well as modifying our basic principles of

thinking and reacting in a liberal, peaceful, logical and scientific way.

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Living and Understanding Sat 12 Nov 2011 4 PM

Although dividing the life to separated parts seems to be irrational and

unscientific, to understand the problem I have to do this. We always are

experiencing two different state of life: living or understanding. In this

 essay, I’m going to write about different degrees of tendency for living and



As far as I concern, the most important purpose of living

things is surviving. During billions years, we developed different behaviors

 for surviving, followed by mating and reproduction. These behaviors

including war, collecting or saving money or food, forming family, fear,

avoiding dangerous situations, etc warranty our survive and consequently

 our eternal development and evolution. I call this process “living”.


Another important point is “Understanding” which means personal

development. Every living thing has a special purpose in life and has been

planning to reach them as well as some plans for improving or renovating



Since “Living” is almost reachable in our developed and secure world, I

suggest we should emphasize on the personal aspects of life or

“Understanding”. Life consists of different experiences from pleasure to pain

 to sadness or happiness which all of them are transitory. But our knowledge

and understanding about our self and universe are more considerable and

powerful. Consequently, I always emphasize on the pleasure of

 understanding through science and knowledge which is the most beautiful

pleasure. Moreover, if you look into statistics of quarrel and violence, family

problems, addictions, alcoholism, etc you will realize most of involved

 people aren’t educated enough.


Overall I believe that science and knowledge make us more aware and

intelligent and consequently more strong and powerful .In addition, they

 are the most important sources of understanding human existence, nature

and the universe instead of traditional lifestyle, efforts, beliefs or assumptions.

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Medicine and Money Tue 18 Oct 2011 6 PM

Unfortunately we all know that most of jobs and services in our society are based on money.

Surely we do not expect people to love us and consequently give some services for free. But I

think if there were a little bit sense of conscience and responsibility among us, we would have

a better life and more healthy society. This is more important for physicians, pharmacists and

generally medical careers. Here I will challenge the greed to gain money in these jobs and its

consequences for ordinary people.


If we have appropriate rules, then we will have better condition in terms of medicine and

 medical  system. However this is not the entire story, we need a little sense of

 humanitarianism as well. Here I would like to explain some tragic fact about these careers that

we usually may not pay attention to it.


Firstly, it is clear that most of medical equipments like MRI, CTScan, etc cause some harms in

 our body. On the other hand, they usually are expensive and if I as a physician buy it, I

 probably will be tempted to use it more and more in order to back my investment. As a solution

 I suggest that it’s better to have separated assessment units.


One of the most important points is that if we all are healthy, there will not be huge profit for

medical careers, so they do not like us to be healthy. Sorry to say that their main tendency in

assessment and treatment is to make us dependent and unhealthy and make themselves


Moreover there are just few physicians that encourage people to have healthy diet and lifestyle.


Overall I believe that although most of determiners in health ministry are already physicians so

there will not be dramatic changes in health system, we can change our situation by gaining

more knowledge about health and medicine.

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As far as I know most of people think that health system in societies is

working properly and they control foods and industries and every think is ok.

But my information and my point of view about health system is a bit

different. I believe that if health system work accurately and

according to our current scientific achievement, the food industry will be



There are quite a lot of unhealthy foods in the markets and nobody in the

governmental institutes can forbid them and their factories. Because factories

have money and power, so they like to continue their business, their business

has a lot of profit for them. Something like puff paste, different types of

potato chips, sauce, conserve and lots of other industrial foods that

we all are familiar with them.


Unfortunately we are encouraging them to produce more industrial foods and

making more money as well. We are eating these unhealthy products in a

childish manner and it’s a type of unintentional advertisement. Only a few

people are sensible about food’s healthy conditions

and even in our information based societies there is only an insignificant

growth of awareness about these products.


Finally, the most important disaster is that we have a lot of problems as a

result of these foods.

Cancer and some other less famous diseases are still growing and killing us.

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??Why we are the best people Tue 27 Sep 2011 11 PM

I wish I was living in a free and normal society. I wish I was born in a reach

culture with humanistic wisdom, instead of being tired with nonsense beliefs

and behaviors.


In all over the world people are living naturally even with some problems,

deprivation and disasters But they are living nearly free and normal. Are we

Middle Eastern people exception? Are we selected among people from

around the word to be the best?!! Why we should be the best people and

most theistic and innocent?!  Because we will go to the heaven and become

permanently happy?! We are spending most of our energy one some

restrictions and false suppositions instead of enjoying life freely.


I’m tired with lots of bad habits in my society such as lies, backbites,

officiousness, limitations, superstitions, brutal behaviors, etc. Can I burn

again in a free, modern and reach country?! Maybe I can!

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Anxiety in my society Sun 4 Sep 2011 4 PM

This is a simple fact that we interpret universe according to our state of mind and our neural system.

And we know that they are the results of our beliefs, hereditary, previous behaviors and also current state

 and conditions of mind. If I know my country as an anxious society, probably I am anxious. But I am

 familiar with psychology and I think I can distinguish my recognitions from my own emotions.


I believe that anxiety and stress are spread throughout my society and certainly there are some obvious

causes. I am not a psychologist but I know that some beliefs can lead us to more stress and pressure.

 At first some beliefs can lead us to potential anxiety. Imagine: "This is good", "this is bad", "this is more

religious", "this is valueless", and "that is valuable", etc.


So the results will be anxiety, conflict and violence. Moreover with a conservative way of life, we are going in

the same way that our fathers went. We continue our habitual life, we continue lies, etc that all of them

guaranty stress, even some stresses which are hidden and in background.


But I think we should renovate our self and our community according to the scientific ways and facts. With

growing of science that I think is extraordinary, we do not have any problem about ways and solutions, we

should begin to modify and change our self and our society.

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Which causes lead us to use drugs?

What are the main reasons of smoking?

Which pressures? Which beliefs? Which compulsions? Which weak points?


In my opinion, we should increase our endurance capacity; we should tolerate some pains

of living. Moreover, giving meaning to our life as well as becoming expert in some areas can

be very helpful. We should have accurate plans for our life; as a result our mind will be in a

balanced condition. In this case our toleration capacity will increase considerably, so we won’t

have to use something like cigarette, drugs, alcohol, etc.

کدام علم ها را را به سمت مواد مخدر هدایت می کنند؟

علت های اصلی سیگار کشیدن و گرایش به آن چیستند؟

کدام فشارها؟کدام باورها؟کدام اجبارها؟کدام ضعف ها؟

به نظر من ما باید ظرفیت تحمل خود را بالا ببریم،ما باید برخی دردهای زندگی را تحمیل کنیم.بعلاوه

 دادن معنی به زندگی مان و همچنین متخصص شدن در زمینه های شغلی و تحصیلی می تواند موثر

باشد.ما باید برنامه های دقیقی برای زندگی خودمان داشته باشیم،و در نتیجه ذهن ما در شرایط

 متعادل خواهد بود.در این صورت ظرفیت تحمل مان به صورت قابل توجهی بالا خواهد رفت و در نتیجه

مجبور نخواهیم بود از چیزهایی مثل سیگار،مواد مخدر،الکل و غیر استفاده کنیم.

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I would like to write about two different lifestyles, first one which I call it humanistic-animal or semi-humanistic and second one which is humanistic.

In the first lifestyle which apparently seems to be more popular, people work, gather money, and seek pleasure. Perhaps we call it ordinary life. Searching for knowledge or science, improving their mind or personality is not important for them.

But my point of view is completely different and is according to the second lifestyle. I always like to study, gather knowledge and seek lightness. I personally prefer to develop and improve myself and my mind during the life. For instance I prefer teaching in a school or university and certainly learning new thing during my work, for only 1000$ per month instead of 10,000$ for a financial or economical job.

With the first lifestyle, we probably do not respect human and humanistic values since we are not aware and sensible about human and human being and whole of our life is based on habits.


But in the second lifestyle we love human, nature and whole of universe. We are sensible and we like to gather more and more knowledge, science, consciousness and awareness. Moreover, we know that we are on the top of the evolution in the planet earth, so we are responsible for our thoughts, behaviors and plans in our life.

We always need to improve our self. Which pleasure is higher and more beautiful than understanding and lightening the dark points of the existence? Can you understand me?!



دوست دارم در مورد دو سبک مختلف زندگی صحبت کنم,اولی که من آن را انسانی-حیوانی یا نیمه انسانی نامگذاری می کنم و دومی انسانی.


در اولین سبک زندگی که ظاهرا به نظر می رسد که همگانی تر است مردم کار می کنند,پول جمع می کنند و دنبال لذتند.شاید ما آن را زندگی عادی می شناسیم.جستجوی دانش و علم یا ارتقای ذهن و شخصیت برایشان خیلی مهم نیست.


ولی دیدگاه من کاملا متفاوت و نزدیک به سبک دوم زندگیست.من همیشه دوست دارم مطالعه کنم,دانش و علم گرداوری کنم و به دنبال روشنی باشم.من شخصا ترجیح می دهم که خودم و ذهنم را گسترش و ارتقاء دهم.برای مثال من ترجیح می دهم در یک مدرسه و یک دانشگاه تدریس کنم و مطمئنا در خلال کار چیزهای جدیدی یاد بگیرم ,برای ماهی هزار دلار ولی با  شغل اقتصادی یا مالی 10000 دلاری فرصت یادگرفتن و رشد را از دست ندهم.


با سبک زندگی اول ما احتمالا به انسان و ارزش های انسانی احترام نمی گذاریم به این خاطر که در مورد انسان و وجود انسانی آگاه و حساس نیستیم و کل زندگی ما بر اساس عادت هاست.

ولی در سبک دوم زندگی ما انسان,طبیعت و کل هستی را دوست داریم.ما حساسیم و دوست داریم دانش,علم,هشیاری و آگاهی بیشتر و بیشتری جمع کنیم.بعلاوه میدانیم که در بالاترین رتبه تکامل در کره زمین هستیم,بنابراین در برابر افکار,رفتارها و برنامه هایمان در زندگی مسئول هستیم. 

ما همیشه نیاز داریم که خود را ارتقاء دهیم.کدام لذت بالاتر وزیباتر  از دانشتن و روشن کردن نقاط تاریک وجود می شناسید؟آیا می توانید مرا درک کنید؟!

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

I really like someone who are polite,academic,personable,honest and hardworking.On the other

hand i hate impolite persons,someone who do not seek knowledge and insight and are wasting

their life and time

من واقعا انسان هایی با خصوصیات موادب،اهل تحصیل و مطالعه،با شخصیت و صادق و سخت کوش را دوست

دارم.و از انسان های بی ادب،آنهایی که به دنبال دانش و روشنی نیستند و در حال تلف کردن وقت و پول خود

هستند بیزارم.

A rational woman?is it possible? I love her but i think woman shouldn't  forget their

 womanhood.Also i believe girls are innocent even though they are devil or silly

یک زن خردمند؟آیا این امکان پذیر است؟من دوستش دارم ولی به نظر من زن نباید زنانگی اش را فراموش کند.

همچنین معتقدم دخترها معصوم هستند هر چند اگر شیطان و احمق باشند!!!

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

I deeply prefer academic persons to others. I really like somebody who loves

science and knowledge and studying.

I sorely love somebody who tries to acquire knowledge; they are holy in my opinion.

من عمیقا انسان های عاشق تحصیل و زحمت کش را را به بقیه ترجیح می دهم؛من آنهایی

را که علم و دانش و مطالعه را دوست دارم،دوست دارم!

من به شدت کسانی را که برای تحصیل دانش تلاش می کنند دوست دارم،به نظر من آنها

مقدس هستند!


Being profound is one of the most important patterns that we can learn by our

mother, nature.

عمیق بودن مهم ترین درسیست که ما باید از مادرمان، طبیعت بیاموزیم.

Still I see some underdeveloped persons that drink or eat hot things in the plastic

containers. But their appearance was modern and beautiful!

هنوز اشخاص عقب افتاده ای را می بینم که در ظروف پلاستیکی چیزهای داغ می خورند و

می نوشند ولی ظاهرشان مدرن و زیباست!

In the scientific method, we certainly don’t talk about something that we don’t have

any accurate knowledge and experiment about it. So somebody who makes some

stories about origins of creation is not scientific! Shame on stories!

ما در روش علمی مطمئنا در مورد چیزی که در موردش دانش و تجربه لازم را نداریم صحبتی

نمی کنیم.پس کسانی که در مورد منشاء خلقت داستانهایی می بافند علمی نیستند،شرم بر

داستان ها!

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

Beautiful clothes,

Modern cars and appliances,

Wonderful houses,

Good make up materials,

And so many other excellent things we have.

We have imported them from other countries,

 But what about culture? What about beautiful minds and thoughts?

what about science and intelligence?

Aren’t them important? Is it enough to make up your appearance?

But what about your mind and intelligence?

Can we import modern culture and modern intelligence?

Why our society hasn’t became modern but our environment has?

Who is responsible? Our self? Those? Who?

لباس های زیبا؛

ماشین ها و تجهیزت مدرن؛

وسایل آرایش خوب،

و بسیاری وسایل زیبا و مدرن دیگر.

ما اینها را از کشورهای دیگر وارد کرده ایم،

ولی در مورد فرهنگ چه کرده ایم؟در مورد افکار و اذهان زیبا چه؟

و در مورد علم و هوشمندی؟

آیا اینها مهم نیستند؟آیا ساختن ظاهر کافی ست؟ذهن و هوشمندی را چه

می کنید؟

آیا می توانیم فرهنگ و هوش مدرن را وارد کنیم؟

چرا جامعه ما مدرن نشده ولی محیط زندگی مان شده؟

چه کسی مسئول است؟ما؟آنها؟چه کسی؟

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

Silence, loneliness and learning Mon 9 May 2011 7 PM

In my society people cannot tolerate loneliness and silence. It's

very hard for them to stay alone and silent, as well. During the

day they should talk very much, otherwise they will fall into a

depressant mood or such feelings.

They often are in contact with others and independent life is not

popular among them. They often haven't got an exact plan for

 their life and they just like to pass the time.


Also I would like to explain about status of learning in my society.

As I mentioned in previous notes, learning is the most important

value of my life, the most interesting concept .but in my society

learning is not important and they just like to protect their

 beliefs and previous learning, so Flexibility and self cultivation are

not popular here. They are strong in their habitual way, as well.


در جامعه من مردم نمي توانند تنهايي و سكوت را تحمل كنند و تنها ماندن در جايي يا ساكت

ماندن برايشان بسيار مشكل است.در طي روز عادت دارند كه بسيار صحبت كنند در غير

اينصورت حوصلشان سر مي رود و اعصابشان بهم مي ريزد.


آنها عموما عادت دارند در بيشتر لحظات با كسي در ارتباط باشند و زندگي مستقل براي آنها

تعريف شده نيست.آنها معمولا برنامه دقيقي براي زندگي ندارند و فقط مي خواهند

 اوقاتشان بگذرد!

همچنين علاقمندم كه در مورد وضعيت يادگيري در جامعه خودم صحبت كنم.همانطور كه

 در يادداشت هاي قبلي اشاره كردم يادگيري مهمترين ارزش زندگي من است و جالب ترين

مفهوم.ولي در جامعه من يادگيري چندان مهم نيست و مردم بيشتر به فكر محافظت از باورها

و يادگيري هاي قبلي شان هستند،بنابراين انعطاف پذيري و خود سازي در اينجا چندان

 معمول نيست.آنها در راه عادتي خود استوار هستند!

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

As far as I know, the most important social problem in my society is lying.

Lies corrupt the whole society. I can see these phenomena obviously in my

people, among our children, teenagers and adults.


I wish I was living in a society that nobody was forced to lie. And lies were

not usual and popular as well. Where lie is popular, the people won't be calm

and they have to experience too much pressure and conflicts during the day.


In some traditional societies, citizens always have to lie. What is the reason

 in your opinion? In these societies each behavior will be checked with some

special filters and as a result the citizens will try to protect themselves from

bad results or punishments. So they have to lie, the lie will convert into an

accepted and natural behavior or even they may invent some concepts such

 as White lie!


Imagine you have a free life, there is no unnecessary restriction and

consequently you don’t have to lie, you live relax and you can be frank. In this

case you will have a tranquil and peaceful life; you will forget your headaches,

as well.


I had this experience; since I was 19 years old I haven't had any headaches,

as far as I can remember. In that period of life, I forgot some of my habitual

and hierarchal beliefs. It was a wonderful and relaxing experience and after

that my mind has been in a better and more comfortable condition.


از ديدگاه من مهم ترين مشكل و آفت اجتماعي دروغگويي ست.دروغ كل بدنه جامعه را فاسد مي

كند.من اين پيده را به وضوع در مردم خود مي بينم،در بچه ها و جوانان و بزرگسالان از هر دو جنس مرد

 و زن.

ارزو داشتم در جامعه اي زندگي مي كردم كه كسي مجبور نمي شد دروغ بگويد.و دروغ  معمول و همه

گير نبود.جايي كه دروغ همه گير است،مردم نمي توانند زندگي آرامي داشته باشند و مجبورند مقدار

زيادي فشار و تعارض را در طي زندگي روزانه تجربه كنند.


در جوامع سنتي شهروندان در بيشتر موارد مجبورند دروغ بگويند.به نظر شما علت چيست؟در اين

جوامع هر رفتاري با فيلتر هاي خاصي چك و بررسي مي شود و در نتيجه شهروندان سعي

مي كنند خود را در مقابل نتايج بد يا تنبيهات محافظت كنند.پس آنها مجبورند كه دروغ بگويند و دروغ به

يك رفتار پذيرفته شده و طبيعي تبديل مي شود يا حتي مفاهيمي مثل دروغ مصلحتي اختراع مي شود.


تصور كنيد كه شما زندگي آزاد و رهايي داريد،بدون محدوديت هاي بي مورد و در نتيجه خيلي مجبور

نيستيد كه دروغ بگوييد.شما آرام زندگي مي كنيد  و مي تواند رك باشيد.در اين حالت شما مي توانيد

يك زندگي آرام و صلح آميزي داشته باشيد،شما سردردهايتان را نيز فراموش خواهيد كرد!


من اين تجربه را داشته ام،تا آنجايي كه يادم از 19 سالگي تا كنون هيچ سردردي نداشته ام .در آن

 مقطع از زندگي ام(19 سالگي) من يك سري از باورهاي عادتي و موروثي را فراموش كردم.اين يك

 تجربه عالي و آرام بخش بود و بعد از آن ذهنم در وضعيت بهتر و راحت تري قرار گرفته است.

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

 In our society, sometimes when a man see a woman, his behavior will become better, he

will become patient and will pay attention to her. He will be nonchalant and will have

much more energy.

Even he may try more to attend your request or if he is a salesman, he will discount his prices.

When he is driving, he pays attention to women, also when he is taking a taxi or when he is

involved with daily issues.


Somebody can say that it's ok and it's natural. But the problem is that the woman thinks that

 she really is an important and valuable person because of these attentions. Now how does

 she interpret logical and right behaviors?

Well, when we are deprived of something, and when we are grew with this discipline, we

will become greedier and our mind will involve with the problem. And we do our best to reach

our desires.


When we repress our self, the energy will be saved, increased and as a result we will make

some problems for our self.

In this situation, we will probably have so many problems and so much pain and violence. 

وقتي خانمي را ميبيند رفتارش بهتر مي شود،با حوصله مي شود و توجه مي كند،سهل انگار مي

شود.انرژي اش بيشتر مي شود.

حتي ممكن است بيشتر تلاش كند يا اگر فروشنده باشد تخفيف بيشتري بدهد.


موقع رانندگي حواسش به خانم هاي كنار خيابان است؛موقع سوار شدن به تاكسي و در تمام مسائل


تا اينجا شايد مشكل خاصي نبينيم و بگوييم طبيعي ست.ولي خانم هم فكر مي كند واقعا مهم و

ارزشمند است كه هر روز چنين به او توجه مي كنند.حال رفتارهاي منطقي و درست مردهاي ديگر را

چگونه تفسير مي كند؟!!


بله وقتي از چيزي محروم باشيم و با اين فرهنگ بزرگ شويم،حريص ميشويم و هميشه ذهنمان درگير

 آن مسئله است.به هر دري مي زنيم تا به خواسته هايي برسم.


وقتي كه خودمان را ابراز نكنيم،انرژي را ذخيره كنيم،انرژي را مي پرورانيم و براي خود مشكلاتي مي


در چنين وضعيتي چه دردها ،خشونت ها،مسائل و مشكلاتي كه بوجود نمي آيد.

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

Abnormal Continence Fri 22 Apr 2011 6 PM

"SHAME"    ,   "SIN"   ,    "BAD",    "GOOD", etc


I cannot understand these words.

I cannot understand repression,

Why should we repress our self and our wishes and feelings?

Is this scientific? Is this normal?


Someone who seeks pleasure is taunted in our society and pleasure is not

recognized as a pure concept.

They see pleasure like depravity and immorality.

And about pleasure and loving it, I would like to mention that pleasure

was built in the nature to survive and reproduce species.

If we do not have pleasure while we are eating something, then the

probability of next eating will be decreased. So we will become stronger,

and our species will survive.

If we do not have seksual pleasure in the nature, our species will be extinct,


According to our evolution process, we should accept and do natural


This is a simple scientific fact that if we repress our self, we will have

psychological problems and disorders.

So if we deprive our self of pleasure (with many types of rationalization),

 we will not be healthy, normal and balanced.


Repression impairs our neural system. So we should live free, without

dogmatic and dark beliefs, without inhuman beliefs.

According to a humanistic lifestyle, we should enjoy and we should live free;

so please forget nonsense beliefs.

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

prostitute :: زن خیابانی Mon 18 Apr 2011 6 PM

A prostitute may have so much pleasure in her life; she may forget her problems with

pleasure,She may have an exciting life, but what can she do when she is an old woman?

Can she have a good family and good partner or good friends or good job or good children?

Will she face with serious problems?

يك زن یا دختر خیابانی  ممكن است از لذت زيادي در زندگي برخوردار باشد و با  لذت وتنوع  روزانه

؛مشكلات و دردهايش را فراموش كند.

او ممكن است زندگي هبجان انگيزي داشته باشد ولي در سنين بالا چه خواهد كرد؟آيا او در سنين بالا

 و وقتي كه ديگر طرفداري بين مردان ندارد،زندگي و خانواده و يار و دوست و شغل و فرزنداني دارد؟

آيا او با مشكلات جدي روبرو نخواهد شد؟

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

I have not seen respect, courtesy and true logic in the behaviors of our


 I have not seen honesty as a value in our society.

I have not seen logical behaviors or logical thoughts in here.

We are totally stranger with these concepts: respect, courtesy, logical


honesty, etc.

  I just have seen lies,violence and discourtesy.   

من ادب،احترام و منطق درست را در رفتارهاي مردم خود نديده ام.

من صداقت را به عنوان يك ارزش در جامعه نديده ام.

من در اينجا رفتار ها و افكار منطقي و خردگرايانه نديده ام.

ما كاملا با اين مفاهيم بيگانه ايم:احترام،ادب،رفتار منطقي،راستي و ...

من در اينجا فقط دروغ و خشونت و بي ادبي ديده ام.

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

To me, the most important value of life is learning, learning new

sciences and knowledge, an open and free shape of learning. And also

 I think that it helps us to be more aware, have more power and feel


Have you ever thought about our previous leanings? Life is a pervasive

learning, right or wrong leanings. But now, we can override them with

some new leanings.

And in this way science, modern values and humanistic values can help


از ديدگاه من،مهم ترين ارزش زندگي يادگيري است.يادگرفتن چيزهاي

جديد،علم و دانش جديد.و البته شكلي آزاد از يادگرفتن،رها از باورها و تعصب

هاي گوناگون.يادگيري جديد يعني آگاهي بيشتر،قدرت بيشتر و احساس بهتر.


يادگيري هاي جديد،تجربه هاي جديد و علم و دانش و آگاهي جديد به غناي

زندگي كمك مي كند،مي تواند موجب قدرت بيشتر فرد يا سيستم شود و به

خاطر قدرت و تسلط بيشتر،احساس بهتري مي آفريند.انسان از هر چيز

آشنايي آرامش مي گيرد،پس يادگيري و آگاهي در مورد امور بسيار كارساز


تاكنون در مورد يادگيري هاي گذشته انديشيده ايد؟زندگي يعني

 يادگيري.زندگي پر است از يادگيري هاي درست و غلط،از نوزادي تا كودكي

 و نوجواني و جواني ...


البته با يادگيري هاي جديد مي توانيم روندهاي ناقص گذشته را جبران كنيم

 و در اين راه علم و دانش و ارزشهاي مدرن و انساني مي توانند كمكمان


نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

Seksuality and violence Sun 27 Mar 2011 5 PM

We know that violence is an obvious phenomenon in relations. In

every relation, such as animal, human and even in some plant's

relations, we can see this phenomenon very easily.


One of the reasons is differences between the existents, different

needs and viewpoints.

And in the sexual relationships, there is a special story. If the

pleasure is more, sensitivity will be more, and consequently the

violence degree will be more. So we have an overt violence about

the gender related relationships.


In the beginning of the human civilization or before that, and

when we hadn't any development in societies, there were some

quarrels about women and seks.


Imagine you are living in those ancient eras. You have a mate.

 People do not have sufficient clothing, and therefore men and

women cannot control their seksual instincts as well as nowadays.

When you are asleep, a man comes and tries to seks with your mate.

Your mate do not have advanced cognition, insight or commitment,

so she probably would not resist, she just peruses pleasure and

calmness as other men and women.

And also she is important for you, because she makes you calm and

gives you pleasure and fun, and this is very important for you, so you

may kill that man to protect your family and your calmness.


Because of these sorts of problems, next societies created some

concepts, laws, limitations, customs, ceremonies, etc such as sin,

clothing, marriage, intimacy, punishment, shame, self repression, etc.

This problem (seks related violence) has been solved approximately in

some modern societies with redefining some concepts, laws and

relations, but we still have this problem in the traditional societies.


Imagine (even though it is hard to imagine) that in some traditional

societies, father or brother kills the girl Just for a seksual sin. This is a

tragedy in our societies, ignorance is dominant in our mind,

instead of mercy and love.


And nowadays, we have too many problems and pain about this

issue, just for some prejudices, just for some childish resists, and

dogmatic viewpoints,

And just for mind's darkness.

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

The animal inside Wed 23 Mar 2011 5 PM

All of us have an animal in our existence. Nobody is animal or

angel totally.We are human and we have an animal in our existence.


And about the animal, we know that the animal pursues pleasure

or aggression, and it has a specific biological part in the brain.

When we are angry or when we are seeking pleasure, the animal is



We should know and control the animal for having a better life. In

 my opinion, the most problems in the life occur when there are

 some conflicts between the personality and the animal. And

Personality consists of some concepts and realities that have been

acquired through living in the environments. The animal does not

accept any limitation and just needs pleasure, so when there is a

problem, the conflict and aggression probably will occurs. 


You should know your own animal lonely, nobody can help you!!!


Somebody have changed or controlled their animal, and somebody

does not have enough control or recognition on their animal. There

are different ways of living, but it's a simple and scientific fact that

control and also recognition is a better choice for having a reliable

and peaceful life.

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

Main Purpose Tue 22 Mar 2011 11 AM

Everyone has some main purposes in the life. My main purposes in the life are

getting more and more awareness and intelligence and also leave good

effects in the universe.

 I think that our lifetime is transitory, so we should try to have a quiet and

pleasurable life and also leaving good effects.

Take the life easy; because we know that our feelings are dependent on our

psychological status, and when we prepare our mind and our relations

and our environments to have a special sort of life and feeling, the purpose

will be acquired exactly!

Believe me!

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

Transitory Mon 21 Mar 2011 1 AM

This is an advantage that each pain and pleasure is transitory. And when we

review the past, it is not very painful. as I said the past is transitory, every

 bad or good situation, every pain and pleasure is temporary.


So the conclusion is that we should not take situations very serious. In

addition, our joy and pain are dependent on our expectations and desires

 and previous experiences. Therefore it is a simple fact that we should

 change our expectations and our desires according to our experiences.


 We need reconsideration, especially about our weak points and problems.

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |

Repression Fri 18 Mar 2011 6 PM

Psychologists say that repression is one of the most important

causes of psychological problems and it threats human mental


And especially in our society, it's obvious that repression is really

pervasive. Dominant culture promotes repression and Free Will is

not accepted.

People should live according to the restrictive and dogmatic

beliefs, laws and conventions, And not with their free nature, not

with love.

Also we know that the results of repression are stress and pressure.

This pressure and stress can cause violence and we can see this

phenomenon obviously.

Why we should repress our self? Because others want control us?

Let think more about the results of repression. When we repress

our self, in fact we are baring energy in our self. The energy will

be transferred to other parts of body or being. And also we can

.transform the energy by many ways. But repression can make some

problems and bad feelings . 

Don't scare baby.

Hug the life,

Hug the freedom,

Hug the nature.

نوشته شده توسط iman  | لینک ثابت |